Friday, January 4, 2013

Controversy in the making

The unranked Colorado Buffaloes may have started a controversy when Sabitino Chen banked a buzzer-beating three point shot to take the lead for Colorado. Then, the officials overturned their call which was good. The problem is that the ball was clearly off with a tenth of a second left. This means that there was not definitive evidence which is needed to overturn any call.

Now, Colorado coach, Tad Boyle, is trying to get rid of instant replay. He has made it clear that he thinks that the answer to getting better calls is repealing the instant replay. Do you think that this would benefit NCAA Men's Basketball or make the calls worse? I believe that this is not the answer to better calls. This is the best we can get for basketball with current day technology. Write your opinion in the comments.

                 By David B.

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