Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bengals VS. Texans

The Bengals are one of this years wild card teams, but don't count them out. Because last year the New York Giants made the play-offs on the wild card and they won the Super Bowl. And everything I said before is true, but I believe that the Texans are just to are just to good of a team to lose first round. Especially after their amazing 12-4 season. The Bengals only won 10 games this season which was barely enough for the play-offs.

Last year the Bengals made the play-offs against the Texans, but quarterback Andy Dalton choked and threw 3 interceptions leading the Bengals to a first round loss. This year Dalton is hoping to do the opposite after a 3669 yard season. Running Back BenJarvus Green-Ellis ran for over 1,000 yards this season and I think he can put up good numbers in this game. But the player with the largest impact on this Bengals team is Wide-Receiver A.J Green. Green had 1350 receiving yards for 11 touchdowns.

The team that I believe will be coming out on top the Houston Texans will be hosting the Bengals. So with this home field advantage I believe it just adds onto the list of reasons that the Texans have the edge. The first and most important is their running back Arian Foster who I have ranked at number 3 on my list of NFL running backs Top 3 NFL running backs. If wide receiver Andre Johnson has anything to do with it then I believe that the Texans will have a large advantage. Johnson has racked up 1598 yards on 112 receptions. The Texans defense has improved with J.J Watt getting  20.5 SACKS, 4 forced fumbles, and 69 tackles at Defensive End.

Watch out Cincinnati here comes Houston!

             By David B.

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  1. Your prediction was right....while the game was close, and for a while it didn't seem like either team wanted to win, I was glad that Houston pulled it out...of course I think their reward is that they have to travel up north to face the Patriots next week, and I don't think they stand a chance against Brady and his friends!