Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Doug Marrone to the NFL?

Syracuse Football head coach Doug Marrone will be meeting with the Cleveland Browns and the Buffalo Bills about possible coaching options.
If Marrone leaves for the NFL, that would not be good for the 'Cuse. When Marrone took over as head coach for Syracuse, they were on of the worst schools in the country. He really built that school from the ground up, leading them to two bowl games and winning both of them in 4 years. One of those was against the "great" Geno Smith and WVU. In that game Syracuse won 38-14!
Marrone's record at Syracuse is 25-24. That may not sound the best, but he also has some NFL experience because he was a defense coordinator for the Saints. Do you think Marrone is a good choice? Write it in the comments!

By Tarky L.

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