Sunday, March 10, 2013

WBC - Wright's Triumph

After a loss to Mexico in the WBC the U.S advanced to play Italy and with one swing the U.S took the lead. It was David Wright, a grand slam to put the U.S on top 6-2 in the fifth inning. The pitching would do the rest not allowing another run.

Wright was 2 for 5 in the game and of course the big hit got him 4 RBI's and Jimmy Rollins and Brandon Phillips did pretty goo too, with Rollins drawing a walk and getting 2 hits out of the lead off spot. Phillips was hitting in the number two hole with 2 hits, a run, and an RBI. For Italy their lead off hitter Nick Punto contributed the most with a 2 for 3 day and 1 run scored.

The pitching for the U.S was all Ross Dewiler, he pitched 4 innings out of the bull pen and only allowed one hit and no runs. All of the runs scored by the Italians were charged to Ryan Vogelson, the starter.

By David B.

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  1. Way to go USA.....didn't get the game down here in Philly but happy to hear that Jimmy Rollins is doing well...and a grand slam for David Wright.....sure wish Philly could have pried him away from the Mets!