Monday, March 11, 2013


  The Los Angeles Clippers seem to be the only team to be staying healthy in the NBA.  The Clippers are known for "Lob City," which is an ally-oop pass from chris paul and then a dunk by Blake Griffin. Blake Griffin is known for his dunking ability as well as his jumping ability.  He is constantly maliciously  dunking the ball over colossal defenders.  Chris Paul is very fast and can take advantage of that by weaving through defenders on a fast-break.  When franchise players get traded onto a same team, it usually takes a couple of years for them to really start working together better; not with these guys.  Once Blake Griffin came off of his injury and Chris Paul was traded, they were doing ally-oops all the time!  The player that has helped the Clippers this year is DeAndre Jordan.  He is a big man who snatches down rebounds.  After grabbing the rebound he can either use his body strength to score, or kick it out to Chris Paul for a wide open jump shot.  The Clippers have done a great job of collecting players and making sure they work will together quickly.
By Ameen I.

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