Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Notable Team

  There are many teams in the NCAA, but the one team that is the most underrated team is the Villanova Wildcats.  They have beaten Syracuse, Georgetown, and Louisville this season.  Although, all of these wins for the Wildcats have been at home.  They beat Georgetown by ten points and beat Louisville by nine points.  Villanova only beat Syracuse by four points.  The Wildcats are an excellent three-point shooting team.  When playing Syracuse, this extended the 2-3 zone and allowed openings behind the zone for a dunk and a quick pass into the post.  After being fed into the paint, the receiver of the pass just has to turn around and shoot.   Villanova is 42% from the field.  They are full of outside shooters.  Currently, they are a bubble team, but they shouldn't be.  They have beaten their opponents when their opponents were in the AP Top 10.  Villanova should be a seven seed in the March Madness Tournament.  They would have a very good Cinderella Story.  Villanova will be he team to watch in the Big East Tournament and the March Madness Tournament.
By Ameen I.

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  1. Everyone down here is routing for Villanova and Temple to both make the big tournament and to do well once the games start.....of course, Syracuse is always close to my heart as well.