Friday, March 15, 2013

Gomez For Four Years

Carlos Gomez spent some time in Arizona with the Brewers with a 4.3 million dollar one year contract. He was chasing down balls and zipping from base to base. For this he was offered a 4 year 28.3 million dollar contract.

Gomez had 19 homers and 37 steals in the 2012 season, he joined only four other players with 30 steals and 15 homers. The players include, Ryan Braun, rookie of the year Mike Trout, B.J Upton, and Jimmy Rollins.

"I feel really good that I'll be able to stay three more years with the Brewers now that they've given me a new opportunity," Gomez said in Spanish after leaving the game. He went 0-2 that game with a walk agianst Arizona.

How do you think the Brewers season will go, first in the N.L Central, second, third, fourth, or fifth. I think they will land on third place falling short of the Cardinals and Reds. And surpassing the Pirates and cubs. Post your opinion in the comments box below!

By David B.

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  1. He's a good player......glad to see he's found a permanent home for a few more years....