Thursday, March 21, 2013

Round of 32 Matchup

  Earlier today, Gonzaga beat Southern University, 64-58.  Pittsburgh lost to Wichita State today too.  This means Gonzaga will be playing Wichita State in the round of 32.  Pittsburgh is a team who can bring on the pressure.  Many people were expecting Pitt to win.  The reason Pitt won so many games was because of their home court advantage.  The Panthers are not a very good team on the road.  This game was in neutral territory, and Pitt didn't have as much fan support and noise as they did during the regular season.  Wichita State was a team that surprised many people last year.  They are a good team that can grind out any win.  When they are told they can't win, they win, and they make it a big deal.  Gonzaga had an amazing record this season at 31-2.  Their only significant loss was to Butler in the middle of the season.  Butler also won today.  Gonzaga didn't have a very difficult schedule this season, a result of their astounding record.  Still, to only lose two games in one season is impressive no matter who you play.  When Gonzaga plays Wichita State, I think Wichita State will win.  Wichita State is a team that grinds out wins in hostile environments and in important games.  Gonzaga has been celebrating and they will most likely carry that on when they play Wichita State.  This is normal for any team and any player after a big win, especially after a close win.  Wichita State remains calm and keeps their composure, allowing them to comeback from large deficits.  This game will be a hard fought battle though.  Every player's skin will be left on the floor from hustling.
By Ameen I.

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