Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rivera Announces Retirement

The title maybe confusing, but Mariano Rivera will play this season. He will be announcing the official retirement on Saturday. Just to be clear he will not be retiring until after the current season of 2013.

This comes as no shock since he was recently hurt and he has said he might retire previously, so I can understand. The sad part of this is that the best closer of all time is about to be gone. He has surpassed Trevor Hoffman for saves a few years ago and now has a grand total of 608 and counting. He also, was never the one to give up many runs with a career ERA of 2.21 and it is the highest for any closer to ever pitch. Everything about Rivera is special, his cutter, his records, and his number 42. He is the only current player to have that number, because it was Jackie Robinson's.

What do you expect out of Rivera this season? I expect to see him with at least 30 saves and an ERA of 2.50 or below. What do you think the 43 year old can pull off, post in the comments!

By David B.

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