Thursday, March 14, 2013

Quarterback Prospects

  The NFL's Free Agency has started, and there have been many players who have already packed their bags and are headed toward training camp.  Teams that need are quarterback for this coming season are in a jam.  Last year, the draft was filled with quarterbacks.  The teams that need a quarterback the most are the Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Dolphins, Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills, and the New York Jets.  Many people think that Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow are franchise quarterbacks.  They are not.  Mark Sanchez always runs into the lineman up front, causing a sack.  Tim Tebow has the inability to stay healthy or throw very deep down the field.  The Buffalo Bills released quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick, who didn't have a very impressive 2012 season.  The Cardinals' quarterbacks couldn't stay healthy.  Kevin Kolb was doing excellent, but then was injured and missed most of the season.  The Jacksonville Jaguars never really had a quarterback who could carry them to wins.  The Miami Dolphins have a quarterback who didn't have a break-out game to prove that he was going to be the franchise quarterback.  The most popular draft prospect is Geno Smith from West Virginia.  He can go to any one of these teams: Arizona Cardinals, Miami Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars, or the Buffalo Bills.  He can go to any of these teams because they are all in a hunt for a quarterback.  The Bills have a new head coach this season, Doug Marrone, from Syracuse University.  Before coaching at Syracuse, Marrone used to coach the New Orleans Saints and the New York Jets.  Some rumors are spreading, however, that Doug Marrone will bring his quarterback from Syracuse to Buffalo.  Ryan Nassib led Syracuse to win the New Era Pinstripe Bowl over Geno Smith and the West Virginia Mountaineers.  The top prospects in the NFL Draft are Ryan Nassib and Geno Smith.  Both of these players can run and throw the ball down the field.  These players will be fun to watch in the NFL.  By Ameen I.

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  1. The word down here in Philly is that they are really interested in Geno Smith....paid a visit to him and everything......who knows the Eagles could have more QB's than any other position by the time the draft is overwith......looks like it will be an interesting season for the Eagles.