Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Indiana-Ohio State:Preview

Ohio State has lead a descent season with a 21-7 record, Indiana has lead a better season with a record of 25-4. I believe that the Ohio State Buckeyes will come out of the Assembly Hall with a win.I believe this because they have won three straight one of them against Michigan State and Minnesota. Sadly for the Hoosiers, Indiana lost to the Minnesota Golden Gophers recently dropping their number one spot.

If you ask me DeShaun Thomas is the best shooter in the big ten. Thomas has an average of 19.8 points per game and he averages 6.1 rebounds per game. Also, Aaron Craft is a big plus for the Buckeyes, especially on defense where he leads the team in steals with 1.9 and he won the defensive player of the year in the previous season.

The Indiana side of the court has some of the best players in the big ten and NCAA consisting of Cody Zeller, Kevin Ferrell, and Victor Oladipo. Oladipo averages 2.3 steals, 14 points, and 6 rebounds per games. Zeller leads the Hoosiers in three of the biggest categories  blocks, points, and rebounds. He has an average of 16.5 points, 8.1 rebounds, plus he has 1.4 blocks. Ferrell is more of a facilitator with 4.4 steals per game and 2.7 rebounds at point guard.

By David B.

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  1. Great article. Like the way you write. It helps create a clear picture of what these young players have to offer.....