Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bulls Rattled

  The Chicago Bulls were flying to Indiana to play in a game on Sunday.  Flying form Chicago's O'Hare airport, the Bulls' team plane went "Boom!"  A few people in the back heard it, but nobody in the front of the plane did.  Then, there were two more "Booms!"  Sparks were flying and people saw out of the window and the pilots were notified.  The pilots then turned the plane around to go back to Chicago and safely landed.  According to ESPN, the players were sent home and returned the next morning to catch another flight.  The Chicago Bulls used the Chicago Blackhawks' charter plane, and used the same plane to fly back to the Windy City.  Then, Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, let the Bulls use the Mavericks' plane to fly to San Antonio on Tuesday to and return after their game on Wednesday.  The Bulls were grateful and thanked Mark Cuban for the plane.  The Chicago Bulls' plane is expected to be fixed and is also expected to be used for the rest of the season.  By Ameen I.

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