Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Underrated Big East Players

  The Big East is a very difficult conference, with unknown teams upsetting a highly ranked team.  C.J. Fair of the Syracuse Orange scores many more points than other teammates and leads his team in rebounds.  He is a player who runs the court and this season in recent games has been playing 38 minutes per game.  He is a humble player who doesn't get too amped up after a big play. "Fair is Unfair" is a common thing that people put onto their posters for Syracuse.  Fair is an excellent three-point shooter and can drive to the hoop quickly.  He is skinny but muscles his way to the basket.  With his ability to shoot and drive to the basket, he will improve a plethora of NBA teams.  The other underrated player in the Big East is Davante Gardner from the Marquette Golden Eagles.  Marquette is also an underrated team.  Davante Gardner is coming off the bench and is an excellent sixth man player.  He has a broad body and uses that size to box people out.  Coaches look for this in players; that they use their body to do what they are supposed to do.  He can also make a jump shot.  When Syracuse came to play the Golden Eagles, he made a jump shot from the elbow, surprising many of the spectators.  Defenders don't usually think big men can make jump shots.  He is like C.J. Fair in many ways, including their ability to drive to the basket and shoot.  These players muscle their way to the basket.  Davante Gardner and C.J, Fair are underrated players in the Big East and lead their teams to victories.  By Ameen I.

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