Saturday, March 23, 2013

Smith and Siva- Once Again

The Louisville Cardinals got passed the first round just to have to play the Colorado State Rams. The Rams couldn't top the Cardinals, but they gave it their all. They may have only put 56 points on the board, but they played pretty well against this well coached team. Colton Iverson sure gave it his all with 9 points, 7 rebounds, and 2 blocks for his Rams.

Yet again Russ Smith was too powerful for the Cardinals to go down in flames. He had 27 points and 2 steals, even the lately useless Peyton Siva got 10 points and 5 assists. That just shows how powerful and dangerous this Louisville team is. This would all lead to Louisville's 82 points.

The Cardinals now have to face either the Oregon Ducks or Saint Louis Gaels, who do you think it will be? I think it will be Oregon, because they are winning by 16 currently.

By 'David B.

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