Friday, March 22, 2013

Houston We have Reed

The Houston Texans had just found themselves a great safety with 2013 super bowl champion Ed Reed. Reed is a 9 time pro bowler at the age of 34.

Reed is a great player if u are interested in interceptions because he has 17 picks in the last three years a league high. And he has 12 of them from 15 plus yards downfield and that is second only behind Devin McCourty and the next best is Corey Webster with 10 for the Giants. Reed also has been given a good price with 15 million dollars and Reed excepted it because it is where he wanted to be from the start of free agency, right here in Houston, Texas.

Do you think that Ed Reed is the right fit for this Houston style defense? I do because Reed can read the quarterback's eyes and tell where the ball is going, here in Houston that is what general manager, Rick Smith ordered. Post your answer in the comments box below!

By David B.

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  1. I agree that Reed is a great safety and I'm sure with the money he got he'll be thrilled to play in Texas! Seems like the Ravens are selling off pieces of their team to pay Flaco...I don't think they'll be returning to the superbowl any time soon.