Sunday, May 12, 2013

QB Controversy

  The New York Jets have had issues in the past seasons, but none greater than the issue for this upcoming 2013 season. The Jets have released Tim Tebow and Tebow is still without a team. The only place for Tim Tebow to go is either to the Jacksonville Jaguars or the Canadian Football League (CFL). Now, the Jets have four quarterbacks fighting for the starting job. The quarterbacks are Geno Smith, Mark Sanchez, Greg McElroy, and David Garrard. Geno Smith was drafted by the Jets in the second round in the recent draft. Mark Sanchez has been in New York for a while, and has been starting to slump for the last two or three seasons. Greg McElroy stepped up big last year when both Sanchez and Tebow were injured. McElroy is a very talented quarterback who understands the game. David Garrard has been flying around the league and hasn't been doing great. Garrard was on the Jaguars but didn't fulfill their hopes. Now, the battle for the starting quarterback positing has begun. 
  Mark Sanchez has had job security ever since he was drafted out of USC. The reason he has job security is because of head coach, Rex Ryan. Rex Ryan has been defending and protecting Sanchez for far too long. For example, last season was clearly the time for Tim Tebow to step in and make some plays. Last season, Tebow hardly played. Also, Greg McElroy was a last resort quarterback last season and he had a superb performance. The next game, however, Rex Ryan started Mark Sanchez. Now, the job security will not be available for Sanchez. I am predicting that Rex Ryan will either be fired in the middle of the season, or the end of the season. Either way, the Jets will still be looking for someone. Geno Smith will help the Jets bring back the wildcat formation and will help confuse defenses. David Garrard will also help in these costly situations. I believe Mark Sanchez will also lose his starting quarterback job soon. The upcoming 2013 season for the New York Jets is a rebuilding season. By Ameen I.

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