Wednesday, May 8, 2013

JA Happ Returns from the Hospital.

JA Happ who was hit by a line drive in the head was luckily released from the hospital today only a day after the injury. The injury is similar to a boy in the Little league World Series who was hit by a line drive and he saved himself with the brim of his hat taking most of the impact. For Happ, there was no brim just his skull.

"I don't remember seeing it," he said. "Just immediate loud ringing in my ear. Just pressure on my ear, and I was on the ground. That was kind of it. It took me a few seconds to kind of figure out what was going on, but I do remember them being there ... the coaches and Gibby (manager John Gibbons) and obviously, the trainers. I was coherent and talking pretty quickly."

Happ has a skull fracture and was put on the 15 day DL and does not know when he will be able to pitch again, except that he will eventually.

To prevent these dangerous and in some cases life threatening injuries by having multiple companies design headwear for the pitchers. There are up to 12 companies working on it, but so far there has been no luck in finding a sufficient model.

By David B.

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  1. This was just so scarry......JA Happ is so lucky that he somehow managed to move his head slightly before the ball hit him.......It's hard to imagine head gear small enough to resemble a baseball hat that could help will be developed any time soon. Just really glad Happs' injury was not worse...