Monday, May 6, 2013

Halladay Put on the DL

The main source of trouble for the Philadelphia Phillies stated where it was definitely least expected. The source may have been stopped though, Roy Halladay has had a lot of trouble pitching. He was put on the 15 day D.L for a sore shoulder.

Halladay took a huge beatdown from the Marlins in a 14-2 loss. He gave up a total of five runs in the first inning of the game and he couldn't stop throwing the ball over the plate. The outing before that he gave up 3 homers in 3 1/3 innings to the Indians.

"It's not something that I had before," Halladay said Sunday. "It's something new this year. I felt good all spring. I had soreness in there and just wasn't able to get rid of it."

Halladay claims the pain started on April 24th after his start against Pittsburgh before playing the Indians or the Marlins.

Halladay's terrible season shows up on paper as well, with a record of 2-4 and an 8.65 ERA.


  1. I hope they figure out what's wrong and he's back in fighting form soon.

  2. We're all hoping that the Phillies will still be in the hunt when Roy returns later this summer....if they can't hold it together, all the talk down here is that they'll be selling their best players off like a true fire sale....and then rebuild as they did back in 2005. Whether Roy returns to Philly or moves on to pitch with another team next year, I really do hope he gets that world series ring he has worked so hard for.......he deserves it.