Sunday, May 5, 2013

King Takes His Throne

LeBron James was named MVP last year, his third. He has been leading the Miami Heat ever since he came to South Beach. LeBron has been on camera constantly, reporters asking him questions too. He keeps his composure and doesn't allow the media to get into his mind during games. Last season, on a telecast of a Heat game, a reporter reported that before every game LeBron James reads a book to calm his mind. This is indeed a very smart idea, and it also calms down the rest of the team. Many people appreciate that LeBron doesn't brag too much or hog the media.
Many things show how amazing King James really is... And now, he has shown in a fourth time. LeBron James has been announced the MVP. LeBron is well deserved of it and is one of the best to play this game. He has also lead the Heat to a 27 game win-streak this season. He received 120 out of 121 votes to win this award. LeBron James is in the prime of his career where he can easily stay healthy and stay on the court for longer periods of time. He shows maturity on the court and handles the media very well. I think this is very well deserved and there is still many more things to see from Lebron James. By Ameen I.

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