Thursday, May 9, 2013

Athletics Fall on a Mistaken Call

During the Athletics-Indians game there was a peculiar call that lost the game for the Athletics. There was a clear homerun that went over the yellow line and even after review the umps ruled it inside the park. That call stopped the game from going to Extra Innings and giving the A's a chance to comeback.

The MLB has acknowledged the call as an "Improper Call." The ball was hit by Adam Rosales and he got a double on the play and he would end up being stranded with the bases loaded in the ninth inning with his Athletics losing by one on a grounder to the pitcher.

After the game, A's manager Bob Melvin said that the umps clearly made the wrong call. He was ejected for telling them that during the game and he was the one he got them to initially review the play.

"I don't have much to say about it," he said. "I'm not going to talk to them about it. If they want talk about it's one thing, but I'm just going to take the lineup card out."

By David B.


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  2. Never having been a fan of umpires, this story just reeks of how big a problem the umpires have become.....people don't pay good money to go to games to see umpires.....when is the MLB going to get this.....I heard a story today that the minor league umps are not even tied to the MLB umps....sure sounds like this should be the first step in reeling in the ego's of the umpires...if they were tied, you could send umps down to triple A or double A when they pulled stunts like what happened to the A's.

  3. Losing due to a bad call really stinks. Getting ejected from the game due to pointing it out is almost as bad.